Sarah Rosenthal @ Chax Press

Sarah Rosenthal is one of my favorite poets we've published so far; I love the way she combines words and images to reveal something greater than the sum of those parts (something you almost can't quite put your finger on because it's ephemeral and of a realm where language does not rule). I was super excited to hear from her the other day that she has a new book of poems out this year published by Chax Press. You can buy a copy of Lizard here! As a refresher, here is a poem we included in the 6th Issue (2012):


The secret wants

to be told. Why

doesn’t she have the

secret man in the third

row tell, he squeals,

hand up—pick me.

By all means says L.

But he just reveals his cover,

and just to the

secret listeners.

They listen politely,

praying he doesn’t

dominate the evening

in which their

secret hearts pound


And this one from the 7th Issue (2013):


Does not levitate.

Lifts herself in

sections. Dreams

of prodigious

multiples. Sits in

the Lost and Found.

Fills out a form and

takes herself home