New issue of Contra Equum Niveum Vol. 5 @ Hexagon Press

I just got it in the mail which is always the nicest surprise. Snail mail is honestly one of my favorite pure moments of joy. Thanks, Brittany and James! 

The contributors to volume 5 are: Adrian Encomienda, M Kitchell, Ric Carfagna, and Craig McVay.

Issues can be found in San Francisco at Adobe Books + Arts Cooperative, Dog Eared Books, City Lights Books, Alley Cat Books, Bound Together Anarchist Book Collective, Pegasus Books in Oakland , and E.M. Wolfman in Oakland. They'll also send you one for free via snail mail if you send them your address



New issue of Contra Equus Niveus Vol. 3 is out @ Hexagon Press

Hexagon Press is run by Brittany Ham and James Bradley (an LP alum). The contributing poets to volume 3 are: Ric Carfagna (another LP alum!), Kurt Cline, Stuart Cooke, and Stuart Jay Silverman. 

Dear friends, have courage: I did survive! Despite our terror, we will win, because our souls are the images of God, while the robot has merely images.

You can pick up a free issue at several San Francisco stockists including City Lights Bookstore, Dog Eared Books, and Bound Together Anarchist Collective Bookstore.